Production forecasting at your fingertips!

Our mission is to put production prediction at the fingertips of petroleum engineers, completion engineers, geologists, land men, economists and investors.

Our Vision.

Our vision is to empower shale operators to make timely decisions based on the wisdom of hard data.

We provide modern solutions to the management and optimization of production from shale assets. These solutions, collectively dubbed, are based on artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and other data science techniques.

Relative Importance

What are my most impactful reservoir and completion parameters?

Productivity Correlations

How does well productivity relate to ranges of values of these parameters?

Predictive Modeling

What are the physics between my static and dynamic parameters on one hand, and my production measures on the other hand?

Design & Optimization

What are my ideal drilling & completion parameter values?

Production Profiles

What are the future production profiles of my existing and planned wells?

Reserves & Recovery

What are my ranges of reserves and recovery rates for this acreage?

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